JOKA Biathlon-WTC 2020


Date 28.12.2020
Start 11:00
Entrance 11:00
Tickets from € 19.00

After the once again sold-out JOKA Biathlon World Team Challenge 2019 with 46,412 spectators, the demand for tickets for the world’s largest biathlon spectacle with its World Cup-competitive course continues unabated. All fans can now secure the best tickets to be able to watch the event live in the VELTINS-Arena on 28 December 2020.

Once again this year, fans can look forward to numerous spectacular moments at the Biathlon auf Schalke. In 2019, more than 46,000 enthusiastic spectators experienced the highly emotional farewell of biathlon queen Laura Dahlmeier, who said a fitting farewell to her fans in the VELTINS-Arena. The last race of her indescribable career ended with the seven-time World Champion and two-time Olympic champion, just seven months after the end of her active career with an extraordinary performance at the shooting range, in fourth place. With a sovereign performance in the pursuit, the team from Norway with Marte Olsbu Roeiseland and Vetle Sjastad Christiansen finally won in the fully occupied VELTINS-Arena.

Year after year, the enthusiastic audience creates a great atmosphere both in the VELTINS-Arena and on the outside track, which leads right through the winter village. The numerous fans cheer on the top-class, international teams. The supporting and entertainment program with a music act, the popular winter village on the outdoor area including party area and a gigantic indoor fireworks display in the VELTINS-Arena offer further breathtaking highlights every year and thus round off the winter sports event.


Unterrang 49,00 €
Blöcke B-E Kind: 39,00 €
Unterrang 55,00 €
Blöcke A1/F1 Kind: 45,00 €
Unterrang 45,00 €
übrige Blöcke Kind: 29,00 €
Unterer Oberrang 29,00 €
Kind: 19,00 €
Oberer Oberrang 25,00 €
Kind: 19,00 €

Vortribüne 49,00 €
Kind: 39,00 €
Hospitality* 189,00 €
LaOla-Club** Kind: 79,00 €
Hospitality* 159,00 €
Kasino, Museum, Glückauf-Club, Tibulsky oder Hagedorns auf Schalke Kind: 69,00 €
Kombi Hospitality mit Tribüne* 139,00 €
Block Q oder C1 Kind: 59,00 €


The price for child is valid for children up to the age of 12.

Wheelchair users and persons with disabilities (from GdB 70) with a “B” in their ID can order tickets through the customer service of FC Schalke 04. These cost 45.00 €, one accompanying person is free.
Contact details:
Phone 01806 | 221904 (0.20 €/call from the German landline, mobile phone max. 0.60 €/call)

An audio description is offered for people with visual impairments.
Tickets cost €45.00 and can be purchased through Customer Service (see above for contact details).

The ticket price includes travel to and from the event by public transport throughout the VRR area.

  • 1 parking ticket per 2 hospitality tickets
  • A wide range of drinks during the entire event
  • Varied buffet and snacks like currywurst, etc.

Catering times will be announced here.

Especially in our LaOla Club, which is equipped with large counters and counter areas, it is not possible to reserve tables.
Meet with friends at the bar tables or at our bars.
We ask for your understanding and wish you an exciting day in our stadium.