Barrier-free arrival

Already during the construction of the VELTINS-Arena in 2001, it was a central concern to give the Arena the greatest possible accessibility. This is to enable all visitors with disabilities to visit the Arena and enjoy it to the full and in complete comfort. This begins with the parking spaces, which allow disabled parking in the immediate vicinity of the Arena.


Thanks to the barrier-free infrastructure, a visit to and around the Arena poses no problems. In order for you to enjoy your visit to the VELTINS-Arena to the fullest, we would like to give you a few tips on how to get to the Arena.

Persons with reduced mobility can reach the Arena via the “Willy-Brandt-Allee” stop. This stop is stairless and only slightly further away from the Arena. From here on, please follow the signs.

By car, take the exit 6 – Gelsenkirchen-Buer – on the A 2 and the exit 17 – Gelsenkirchen-Schalke – on the A 42 directly to the Arena. From the connection points, please follow the signs to the VELTINS-Arena.


Sufficient parking spaces for disabled persons and wheelchair users are available at the following locations. Tickets are also required for these parking spaces. They can be ordered like any other tickets.

  • on the Arena ring
  • on the Parkallee at the hotel/rehabilitation centre
  • in the car park (level 2) with access to the Arena via the Charly-Neumann-Brücke.
  • P2 with access to the arena via the stair lift (maximum load 225 kg) at the West Entrance 2.
To the arrvial & parking site

Spectator seats

The number of barrier-free seats played an important role in the planning of the Arena. A total of 98 seats for wheelchair users and one accompanying person are available on the east stage in the Arena. The seats are located in blocks L to U, the seats for the accompanying persons in row 30 directly in front of them.

Persons with walking disabilities can watch the games in the Arena in Block X. There are usually a total of 40 day passes available for them, but the number can be increased if there is a demand for them.

Reporters for blind and partially sighted persons

Visually impaired and blind visitors can also enjoy a special service in the Gelsenkirchen Arena: Trained blind reporters certified by the DFL comment on the games live. Since the opening of the Arena in 2001, the team of eight volunteer commentators has enabled visitors to experience the game in all its facets live. Currently, a total of 20 headphones are available, but this number can be significantly increased if there is a corresponding demand. A reception is possible on all seats in the Arena.

The blind reporters distribute the headphones in block X and in block O against a deposit (key, ID, etc.). Alternatively, issuing can also be at the service point on stairwell 5.

Tickets for persons with disabilities

Holders of severely disabled persons ID card with a degree of disability of at least 70 percent will receive the admission ticket for blocks X and Y at a reduced price.

The accompanying person of holders of severely disabled persons ID card with the mark B enjoys free admission when accompanying wheelchair users, blind persons (mark BI), deaf persons (mark GI), an extraordinary walking disability (mark aG), a registered walking disability (mark G) and a simultaneous degree of disability of at least 100 percent as well as registered helplessness (mark H).

Find out more about buying tickets (in german)

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities with handicapped accessible equipment are located in the following areas of the Arena:

  • Toilet facility with 3 toilet cabins, accessible via Block O and M Toilet facility
  • Toilet facility with 3 toilet cabins, accessible via Block T and R1 Toilet in the press area (room 2004)
  • 1 Toilet in the LaOla-Club in area Block I
  • 1 Toilet in the Glückauf-Club

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Simple language

Information in simple language can be found here (in german).

Simple language


Sven Graner, the Representative for the Disabled, will be happy to answer your questions about your visit to the VELTINS-Arena. His contact details:

Phone: +49 209 | 3618 5573

Mobile: +49 173 | 1904 651


On event days, the stadium personnel will also be happy to help with the care of the disabled (recognisable by their red clothing).

Further information for a barrier-free visit to the VELTINS-Arena can also be found on our information portal for disabled fans (in german).